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Philips Greater China Group to YIG for Exchange

On October 13th, Li Tao, Vice President of Philips Greater China group and General Manager of Government and Public Affairs Department, and his delegation visited YIG for exchange and discussion. Qiu Lujun, Secretray of the Party Committee, Chairman of YIG, and Chen Shaobo, Deputy Secretary ot the Party Committee, Chairman of the Labor Union attended the exchange.



Qiu Lujun extended welcome to Li Tao and his delegation, and introduced the "151" development strategy and industrial layout plan of YIG. He said that YIG actively implements the strategic plan of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government to build world-class "Three Cards", focuses on construction of its core sectors of Public Welfare, Big Finance, Culture and Tourism, Health Care and Wellness, Big Data and Belt and Road Initiative, innovatively puts forward "Nine Journeys of Life", a YIG model of a healthy life destination, and actively builds an interconnected economic ecosystem of Great Health Care Industry, which integrates the development of medical treatment, health care, culture, sports, tourism and entertainment industries.Yunnan Medical Investment Group, a subsidiary of YIG, is a provincial-level professional medical investment company in Yunnan, with its business areas mainly involving medical treatment, health care and supply chain and initially forming an industrial chain of "medical and health care services. Philips, as a world-renowned multinational company, focuses on the field of health science and technology. The industrial layout of the two sides is highly compatible, with huge space and broad prospects for cooperation. It is hoped that through all-round and in-depth cooperation, complementary advantages and mutual benefit will be realized.


Li Tao congratulated YIG on its entry into the Fortune Global 500 list and expressed full confidence in the in-depth cooperation between the two sides. He introduced the development history of Philips in the past 130 years, mainly on the strategic transformation of Philips in recent years, focusing on the field of health science and technology. He said that China is the second largest market of Philips in the world, and the localization strategy of Philips in China is closely in line with the development goal of China's Great Health industry. Yunnan has unique resource and location advantages on developing the Great Health industry, Based on which, Li hopes to establish an all-round cooperation with YIG as a starting point.


Chen Shaobo introduced the "Nine Journeys of Life" strategy of YIG, and invited Philips Group to participate in the development and construction of the "Nine Journeys of Life" industrial platform, hoping it gives its full play to the enterprises advantages and helping Yunnan Province to build a world-class healthy life destination.



After in-depth communication and exchange, both parties agreed to preliminarily determine the cooperation intention, define the contact personnel, smooth the work liaison mechanism, and actively promote the implementation of relevant work.


Relevant responsible offcials of Government and Public Affairs Department of Philips Greater China Group; Liu Xuesong, President Assistant and Secretary of the Board of Directors of YIG, Secretray of the Party Committee, Chairman of Yunnan Medical Investment Group, and relevant responsible persons of Yunnan Medical Investment Group attended the meeting.


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